Floyd Mayweather's Bentley Golf cart in Coolest TOP 5!

by Sick Nick

Jul 17, 2018

 Floyd Mayweather s Bentley Golf cart in Coolest TOP 5!


One thing about golf - it`s a not sport if you know what we mean. It`s kind of attitude those guys who have more expensive appearance.Of course you need some trainings to get the ball into a hole and to do an all-day- running through endless fields...But, who are we try to amuse? Running it`s definitely not about golf at all. Cause that guys have golf carts. E...wait a second...Expensive with a real BIG E, golf carts.

But it`s true that some of that vehicles are looks hot. We try to find the coolest, here is TOP 5 in our humble opinion. So load your sticks& balls or whatever is common for golf and get ready for shocking prices.

Gotham Golf Cart

Featuring an all-black alloy body, twin aerodynamic wings and a 4-link rear suspension for a supremely smooth ride, this vehicle better to call it The Golfmobile. You can also add maximum speed that this monster can reach - 38 mph and price which is around $30 000. Is this a Hero for your Golfham city?

Golfam city hero/si.com

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