From bandits to the models: Jeremy Meeks (VIDEO)

by Kate Miller

Aug 12, 2018

From bandits to the models: Jeremy Meeks (VIDEO)


"The sexiest prisoner" - such a nickname attached to Jeremy Meeks. True, he’s now a prisoner with the prefix "ex-": Jeremy has already left prison, shooting for fashion brands and non-poor living with his family.

At the age of 18, Jeremy became a member of the famous Crips gang, and by age 30 got three convictions on a whole list of charges: from driving without a license to large scale steal. In 2014, Jeremy was imprisoned for illegal possession of weapons. Under US law, you can sit down to 10 years. Jeremy was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

Photos of the prisoner, by tradition, posted on the Facebook account of the police station in the American city of Stockton. The next day it collected 100 thousand likes and 13 thousand comments.

Photo, collected thousands of likes/

Comments came mainly from individuals of female gender. "Man of dreams! I don’t care what he sits for", "Put me in this prison !!! "and other emotional exclamations of the ladies blew Facebook.

The mother of Meeks took advantage of this and organized a campaign to raise funds to protect her son in court. The indifferent sent to the account a little over five thousand dollars - this was enough for a lawyer and agent for Jeremy.

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