From vacuum up to the knife

by Kate Miller

Apr 25, 2018

From vacuum up to the knife

Women are suffering for the sake of the plump lips. It is difficult to say who started this rampant fashion on increasing lip volume. Marilyn Monroe? Brigitte Bardot? Or Angelina Jolie? What's the difference! Fashion has generated a lot of ways to make the lips of any shape and size. Here is the most popular methods of lip augmentation: from easy to hard.

Way № 1. Plamper (vacuum simulator)

This is the thing where you need to stick your lips and inflate them as in a pump. After 1-2 hours lips will become the same as they were before. The method is good to figure out how you would look with plump lips. And, of course, for the selfie.

And also nothing can happen if you use the plamper not properly or the wrong size. Minus is the round remaining around the lips that you have to hide with a foundation.

Advanced users learned how to increase lip with the glass tumbler, the result is crazy.

Lips 1

Way № 2. Hyaluron

The most popular method of increasing the lip around the world - it is injections of hyaluronic acid. The method is good that the hyaluronic acid produced by the body and is responsible for skin regeneration.

Usually lacking a single procedure in order to give the desired fullness of lips. The effect will last for six months or a year. This has advantages: the amount of acid can be varied.

A striking example - Kylie Jenner. Reality TV star admitted that she increased her lips by the fillers, not by the brilliance.

lips 2

Way № 3. Cheiloplasty

If the shape of the lips is poor, only injections here is not escape. It needs chiloplasty - the radical method using implants correction.

The operation is considered to be relatively safe, and is held under local or general anesthesia. Of the minuses of procedures - it's expensive, it requires a long two weeks of recovery and many contraindications, therefore before the operating table you can not avoid.

lips 3

Way № 4. Silicone

Literally, this is pumped in lips. Plus of the procedures - in durability. Silicone is not absorbed, unlike hyaluronic acid.

This is a minus: get rid of the result will not be so easy. You can stay a freak, if the doctor while silicone pumping will affect the facial nerve.

lips 4

Way № 5. Lipofilling

Lip augmentation with your own fat reserves. Of course, the risk of allergic reaction is reduced to a minimum, but the lips are going to "lumpy" due to improper distribution of fat. The effect of the introduction of fatty tissue resistant, but it will be difficult to correct deficiencies. And expensive.

lips 5

Way № 6. Surgery for lifiting lips

It happens that there's a good lip shape and there's a fullness of a sufficient, but the distance from the nose to the mouth is too big.

Plastic surgeons have learned to cut off a strip of skin under the nose. Lips are lifted a little "turned inside out" and looks fuller and seductive - like models.

Slash only two: on the edge of the upper lip and below the nose.

lips 7

lips 8