Funny trick in the MMA ring (VIDEO)

by Markus Diedrich

Jul 4, 2018

Funny trick in the MMA ring (VIDEO)


We all know: MMA - it is a serious case in which only the strong succeed. But sometimes in this sport fun things occur, causing laughter. More recently, we mocked on the hapless soldier, who decided to dance in front of the enemy and got knocked out.

Today, the web mock on the fighter, who performed a funny trick with the rotation.

Moment of rotation/

Commentators compete in wit. The most innocuous comparison - with a helicopter or a spinning. It is unclear what caused the athlete to perform a ballet fuete. Apparently, he was planning a strong blow, but the opponent promptly ducked, but to end this was impossible. There’s anyone!

A curious rotation took place at the end of the match between Kyoji Horiguchi (Japan) vs Louis Gaudinot (USA). The Japanese won. The battle took place January 3, 2015, but this piece has presented to the forgotten battle a second life on the Internet.

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