GGG vs Canelo - detailed breakdown of their upcoming bout (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

May 29, 2017

GGG vs Canelo - detailed breakdown of their upcoming bout (VIDEO)

It’s unlikely for Alvarez is possible to knock out Golovkin. I think that the GGG in this fight is much more likely to win by knockout. The reason is that Gennady has a very strong chin, and in the past he fought with more powerful punchers than Alvarez, and didn’t suffer.

Saul Alvarez clearly doesn’t hit as much as David Lemieux or Curtis Stevens. Golovkin took their best blows without harm. If a Mexican had more "engine" and stamina, he would have had a better chance of sending Golovkin into a knockout. But he isn’t able to throw out long combinations without rest. Alvarez is only set up for short-term energy explosions.

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One day Alvarez will face problems in a duel with that boxer who will take advantage of his lack of stamina. GGG coach Abel Sanchez needs to simply study the shortcomings of Saul to use them. But I think he won’t do it. Sanchez didn’t do such a good job with Golovkin in his last fight with Danny Jacobs.

For Golovkin, it would have been an easy fight if Sanchez had given him the task of acting. Instead, Golovkin boxed with Jacobs. It was an unfortunate plan that made the fight much closer than it should have been. But this is all just my opinion. What will be the outcome of the battle in real life, we’ll see on September 16.