Greatest MMA title fights ever (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Aug 23, 2018

Greatest MMA title fights ever (VIDEO)


Undoubtedly, fights for the champion belt in the MMA are almost the most anticipated meetings of the season, tickets for them are bought up in the first hours after the start of sales. And no wonder, because the audience expects the battle between the two best fighters in their category, and such a spectacle real MMA fans simply can't miss. Today we'll make an improvised top 5 of the most brightest titles in the history of MMA.


Anthony Pettis vs Benson Henderson

Victorious blow/

Anthony Pettis became the last WEC champion in lightweight, having defeated Benson Henderson. It was really a very worthy battle for the title, because both fighters were in perfect physical shape and up to the 5th round it was not clear who was leading this match. Only at the end of the meeting, Anthony Pettis was able to get ahead and held his trademark kick to the head. By unanimous decision of the judges it was decided to give the athlete a victory in this difficult match.

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