Guess whose picture is more popular!

by Kate Miller

Aug 7, 2018

Guess whose picture is more popular!


Instagram is a platform for star PR. And absolutely free. One selfie can add fans or force to unsubscribe.

Check yourself: can you guess what more "bombed" the network?

Marion Cotillard vs Kylie Jenner: whose lips are sexier?

The correct answer is: Kylie Jenner! 2.89 million likes against a modest 23.5 thousand likes from the French actress. A picture of Marion caused a negative response due to too swollen lips. Kylie's new lips just added popularity. Maybe Marion had to wait a little?

Conor McGregor vs Jean-Claude Van Damme: whose muscles are cooler?

Correct answer: Conor winner! This is evidenced by almost 647 thousand likes of an Irishman against 49 thousand likes from a Belgian actor.

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