How a Performance Bonus of $50K changed UFC fighter's life (VIDEO)

by dcTim

Oct 1, 2018

How a Performance Bonus of $50K changed UFC fighter s life (VIDEO)


The $50k bonus after the fight with Chase Sherman forever changed the life of the star of UFC 211, the single father, Rashad Colter.

Rashad Coulter is an incredibly brazen and explosive fighter who left an indelible impression on Dana White. The president of the UFC forked for a very impressive prize of $ 50k. This award, as Rashad says, will greatly affect the fate of his family.

Rashad Coulter vs Chase Sherman/

Coulter lives in a two-room apartment with his children. A generous bonus helped him pay an advance for housing.

In fact, this fight, which lasted only 9 minutes, gave Rashid much more than the last year of work as an encashment officer.

The fighter is motivated and promises not to stop until he reaches his goal.

Rashad Coulter/

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