How at 17 Earn $ 2,310,447?

by Alex Perk

Apr 26, 2018

How at 17 Earn $ 2,310,447?


You all day shouting "Next in line, please!" and dream to get rich?
Immediately throw this hopeless activity and read how others in the 17 years already raking in millions!

In our review - Five of the world's richest competitive players.

All participants of the "top 5" have earned a fortune through playing Dota 2. The reason is simple: in this discipline tournaments are the most popular and so well funded. For example, the largest tournament in Dota 2, The International (TI), in 2016 had a prize pool of more than 20.7 million dollars - at the moment it is an absolute record. But, most likely, it will not last long, because the prize fund is growing every year.

5th: Li Peng "iceice" (China)

Million_Dollar_Gamer 1

Prize: $ 1,939,979

In 2014 he was admitted to the veterans team Big God. They have shown good results, as does Lee. Offer to sign a professional contract received in 2015 from a little-known young Wings Gaming team. With the new line-up the team played well and began to occupy the top places.
Culminating was the TI6 tournament that won by Wings Gaming, incidentally received the status of the youngest champions. At this tournament, the prize amount the team was $ 9 million.

4th: Sumail Hassan "SumaiL" (Pakistan)

Million_Dollar_Gamer 2

Prize: $ 2,310,447

One of the youngest professional players - he was only 17 years old. At the beginning of his career playing for the little-known team in North America. In 2015, the team Evil Geniuses saw in it a promising player and began his training.

Debut victory in itself became TI5, where Evil Geniuses have received about $ 6 million.



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