How to clean your teeth with an automatic weapon (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 24, 2018

How to clean your teeth with an automatic weapon (VIDEO)


We don`t know what wrong with some of Japanese people. All of us have seen tons of their sick shows, where things go really really wierd. Especially when it about schoolgirls or some hit&run marathons, or when people try to eat something that is not for eating at all. But it seems that some of them never have enough of adrenaline or something, cause they always create something new, even when they are alone. Just like this Japanese kid, who have unexplainable attraction to weapon and...toothbrushes.

Yeah, we mean it. May be it`s a new word in mouth hygiene, and may be new way to play with gun? Who knows... All we know now that it`s worth to watch anyway.

Loaded with a tootbrush/

There are two videos that we can find. We don`t know which are coolest. Let`s find out. On the firsr one guy ( who known under nickname TokyoFN) is playing with a gun. We can see a toothbrush, which is really nice, blue one. Interesting, if that brush is recommended by local dantist association? Anyway - the tootbrush is attached to the guns shutter. So it can be moved in a horizontal way. They guy tooked a toothpaste and squeezed it right to the brush surface. Do you guess what`s gonna be next? Better say `no`, but it`s `yes`.

Got clean?/

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