How to punch someone in the face, while remaining a gentleman (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Jul 23, 2018

How to punch someone in the face, while remaining a gentleman (VIDEO)


Mixed martial arts is not just a fight between two trained fighters. It's first of all respect for a rival and ability to act generously.

Let us recall three cases that showed that there is a place of kindness and sincerity on the octagon.

Bahtiyar Arzumanov vs Yuri Gamali


The duel between Bahtiyar Arzumanov and Yuri Gamali was held as part of the promotion of M1 and ended already in the first round. At some point, Yuri Gamali lost his vigilance and fell into a triangle - a suffocating reception, in which the wrestler grabs the opponent's neck and arm with his feet, forming the appropriate figure. It's not entirely clear why, but Gamali held to the last and didn't try to stop the fight. Perhaps, the athlete hoped to escape. As a result, Yuri lost consciousness, but his opponent didn't celebrate the victory. Realizing that the opponent is unconscious, Bahtiyar Arzumanov immediately began to resuscitate. He turned Gamali on his back, pulled the kapa from his mouth, so that it doesn't interfere with breathing, and then helped the opponent to rise. The behavior of a real man.

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