In Khabib's homeland, MMA fight ends with massive fight (VIDEO)

by Markus Diedrich

Jul 16, 2018

In Khabib s homeland, MMA fight ends with massive fight (VIDEO)


Quite unexpectedly, one of the fights at the open MMA championship in Dagestan (Russia) ended. On March 11, local fighter Aziz Jumaniyazov and Vladimir Mineev came to the ring. Already after the final gong Jumaniyazov, rising from the parter, for some reason kicked Mineev with his foot. He didn't remain indifferent - he overtook the outgoing opponent and hit him with his head.

After that, a crowd of fans poured into the ring and made a massive fight.

Later, the Union of MMA Russia disqualified Dzhumaniyazov and his team Dagestan fighters, and also annulled the result of the fight.

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