Is Conor McGregor the copycat?

by Sick Nick

Jul 27, 2018

Is Conor McGregor the copycat?


Hello boys and girls! A very special hello from us goes to those of you who idolize the one Irishman, known as Conor McGregror, seem to be UFC champ and other terrible titles. Today we gonna offer you some of shocking facts... but (it`s a pity) not about his Real fighting abilities (not the whole thing that you see in the Octagon is true but keep this secret till time will come), today we gonna talk about Conor`s whole image.

And leitmotif of this article is a one word - Imitation. Yep. You hear it. And the second one is a French word that goes hand by hand with imitation - cliche. The Imitation & cliche show begins. I hear how a die hard fans cry.

Sorry, guys & girls, but the truth is always shocking.

Conor? Or should we call you with another name?/

We don`t know if someone feels the same, when we first heard of The Notorious from Ireland in the MMA, we`ve got that feeling that we known that nickname. You know. It`s showbiz anyway, and if you take name that been used by someone famous before you, it looks like plagiarism or imitation.

What the fuck are you talking about, - is the one thing you thinking about now. We tell you. We are talking about the one and only man who been known as 'Notorious', now unfortunately dead. It`s about The Notorious B.I.G. Even if Conor doesn't know about a star with such name, his assistants must. Other way it is the case of imitation :D Impressed? Soon to be more interesting.

The one and olnly Notorious/

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