Joke of nature. The absurd animals

by Markus Diedrich

Apr 25, 2018

Joke of nature. The absurd animals

As the epigraph to the film "Dogma": "God, too, have a sense of humor. Get at least a platypus! "

There are animals whose appearance is far from "nya". You are unlikely to will repost them photographs. At the sight of some of them would like to ask: "What the...?"

Star-nosed mole

Joke of nature 1

This animal is a little mole with large claws, but instead faces he's got tentacles, 22 fleshy appendages. Especially unpleasant to look at the process of finding food, where all its rays are moving.


Joke of nature 2

Miniature animal the size of an apple has a very expressive eyes, small ears and bared his long fingers on the legs. Head is moves in a circle. All this combined looks frightening.


Joke of nature 3

The name speaks not only about the lifestyle of the animal. It seems that nature itself is also rested when creating this absurd. As a result - happened just what happened.

Tamarin imperial

Joke of nature 4

Able to entertain and cheer up any when alone look at him. And all because of a long white beard, which hangs down to his shoulders. What can they wait from other animals? Only laughing.


Joke of nature 5

The world's largest nocturnal primate: grows right up to 37 cm in length. With long bony middle finger aye-aye gets insects and larvae from tree trunks, acting as a woodpecker. All kind of aye-aye brings thoughts about the diabolical nature of the animal.


Joke of nature 6

Ungainly animal seemed to be "harvested" from several types: trunk like an elephant, pig's body, legs rhino. And funny and pathetic at the same time. Maybe that's why he looks so sad?

Proboscis monkey

Joke of nature 7

He looks like an old grumpy dwarf.

Frill-necked lizard

Joke of nature 8

Claim to the title of this fashionista. impressive skin fold like a colorful collar. In addition, the lizard has a manicure in a long sharp claws.

Madagascar sucker-footed bat

Joke of nature 9

Small bony legs fitted with suction cups that allow this bat hold well on any surface. Disproportionately big ears, beady eyes and a misshapen nose - this exhaustive portrait of another misunderstanding of nature.


Joke of nature

Fish that can cause only disgust. It is a gel clot with a huge mouth and nose. Fish-drop hidden from our eyes in the deep ocean waters - apparently in order not to frighten.