Junior Dos Santos: I had a chance to return to former greatness (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

Jun 4, 2017

Junior Dos Santos: I had a chance to return to former greatness (VIDEO)

Junior Dos Santos is probably one of the most provocative fighters in the heavyweight division. Remember only his first appearance in the cage in 2008. It was because of him that the strongest heavyweight Fabricio Werdum was fired.

And the reason for this was only one defeat. Defeat in combat with JDS. And this fight for the latter was debut at that time. Given the shortage of heavyweights in those years, such an act by the UFC seemed crazy.

Junior Dos Santos is a young athletic guy with Jason Statham's hair and a criminal look. His traditional way out into the center of the cage, with a push of his finger on the floor, made a big jim for the opponents. And the main feature was incredible athleticism - most of the heavyweights then resembled simply huge men without a hint of muscle relief.

And this athlete effortlessly took and significantly simplified the gameplay of his mentor, cutting Werdum with a powerful uppercut in the first round.

The combination of a good record, athleticism, a killer knockout blow and charisma immediately made Dos Santos a rising star. He impressed the public literally in every aspect of the performance: going into a cage under an immortal theme from Rocky, the frightening looks of a thug from a Brazilian gang, directly fighting style, and even his behavior after the fight.

A major event in the career of Santos was the battle with Cain Velasquez. The UFC leadership had special plans for this fight from the very beginning.

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In those years, the UFC worked with Spike TV, with which Bellator is now collaborating. But then they decided to switch to the authoritative FOX channel, which was a great achievement for MMA, and the loud fight of JDS and Velasquez was to serve as a pompous start to cooperation, and the first event on the FOX channel.

In the end, the plan was not quite successful - for some reason, the channel agreed to broadcast only the main event of the evening, in which the Brazilian knocked down the champion in just a minute, and brought the title to Brazil. Such actions of the channel caused a storm of criticism, and if anyone didn’t care, this is Dos Santos, who reached the height of his career ...

At that moment, he seemed invincible, a supernova of heavy weight, a fighter without weaknesses. But, as is known, after the peak of a career there can only be a decline. Defense in the battle with Frank World, defeat from Velasquez, return in a duel with Mark Hunt, and then another beating from Cain ... The paintings succeeded each other, but the former greatness still didn’t return to Dos Santos.

Injuries prevented him from fighting regularly, and the war with Miocic made everyone think that JDS isn’t the same. Recall, then behind the back of Stipe still loomed the shadow of Struve, and the dull battle with the blown Gonzaga, so that in a duel with Junior almost no one believed in him. And the defeat of Overeem, who experienced a second youth, at all began to lead to sad thoughts.

On May 13, 2017, JDS had a chance to regain its former glory. But ... In the central battle of the UFC 211 tournament, which was held in Dallas, UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic defeated Junior dos Santos. The champion knocked out the Brazilian in the first round. He knocked down an opponent with a right-to-head strike, and then finished him off.