Kansas is searching for free milk

by Noa Cantu

May 11, 2018

Kansas is searching for free milk

Twitter user under the name Drew Toothpaste published in his page an interesting post that we could not pass by. The post came with a comment of the author: "Thank you, Google, for helping me compile the most popular search queries for each state in the US this year!". Indeed, because a few days ago, Google has published the most popular search terms for the year 2016. Drew Toothpaste was not lazy and made a detailed map of the United States on the basis of these data, with the request on the background of each state's, which, in fact, led in the past year.


To study this card is really quite exciting, because the queries in many ways, reflect the culture and the mentality of a particular state. In California, for some reason people concerned by the question of the difference between trees and forests, while in Pennsylvania was the most popular tag "TV".