Kate Middleton and other princess in everyday life

by Noa Cantu

May 16, 2018

Kate Middleton and other princess in everyday life


They are the girls of royal blood or wifes of Crown Princes, whose every public outlet attracts the attention of millions of people. They have to comply with the high status of all 24 hours a day, so their image should be perfect.

But still curious how modern princess look in real life? See below and do not thank!

Kate Middleton


34 years old, the Duchess of Cambridge, British Prince William's wife.

Since 2002, Kate and William, already friends, rented a house for living in Fife, and since 2003 - a country cottage. By this time the true beginning of their romance. During student vacations Prince William and Kate traveled together several times, and in 2003 she was among the small number of close friends invited to the twenty-first day of the Prince's birth.



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