Kate Walsh who never gives up

by Hati Lua

Apr 17, 2018

Kate Walsh who never gives up


Kathleen Erin Walsh is a film and television actress, formerly known to the audience, primarily as Dr. Montgomery from the serials of Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice, and now as the mother of Hannah from the sensational series "13 Reasons Why."

The number of fans of this insanely beautiful actress is increasing every year. And they are all interested in the biographical data and career of Kate.

Well, let’s start

So, the future movie star was born on October 13, 1967 in the state of California, in the city of San Jose. But soon the family moved to Tucson (Arizona), where the girl spent her childhood. Father of Keith Walsh is an Irishman born in County Meath, in the town of Navan. And the mother has Italian roots. From here such a bright face - a mixture of parents' blood gave an excellent result.

Kate herself in 2009 in an interview for the March issue of Redbook answered questions about herself and her childhood as follows:

- You’re half Italian, half Irish. Does this mean that you like to eat and drink well?

- Yes. We have a wine cellar at home, and I know how to cook delicious. Most of all I love pasta. We all love to eat delicious. We scream and have fun during a family dinner.

- What kind of a child were you?

- When I was 7 years old, my parents divorced. Mom returned to work, so I spent most of my time alone, and quickly became independent. We moved a lot from place to place, so I often made new friends. At first I had excellent grades in school, but then I began to learn worse and worse. In the end, I got an U rating in the diploma.

- A little more about your U.

- I was a talker, a real ringleader. In the seventh grade, a friend persuaded me to dance on the teacher's table with a rose in my teeth, and I agreed. Probably, that's why I became an actress!


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