Learned the details of death of the American music legend the singer Prince

by Steve Mcmillan

Apr 23, 2018

Learned the details of death of the American music legend the singer Prince

American singer, rock'n'roll legend, winner of Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe Award, Prince Rogers Nelson died at the age of 57. He was found unconscious in the elevator of his own studio complex Paisley Park Studios.

One week before death, singer was hospitalized. Coming back from the Atlanta the private airplane made a crash landing in Molina, IL. The reason for urgent hospitalization, as stated by Prince representatives – the acute form of the flu. Singer left a hospital three hours after.

Despite the advice of doctors remain under observation, the Prince left the facility and flew home. When investigating the sudden death in the house of the American singer Prince, was discovered a potent opiate. There was the packaging of the tablets named “hydrocodone” but verification showed the other synthetic opioid analgesic fentanyl.

Hydrocodone belongs to the same group of drugs, however, it has a less potent effect. As demonstrated by the autopsy, the musician died of accidental fentanyl overdose. According to investigators he didn't had the current prescriptions for powerful drugs.

Examination revealed that the singer's death was not the result of suicide. The tablets that were discovered at the singer, contained a mixture of painkillers fentanyl, lidocaine and U-4770 synthetic drug, which action is eight times stronger than morphine.