Lorry sheds its load of bricks on a car! (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Aug 10, 2018

Lorry sheds its load of bricks on a car! (VIDEO)

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 260,000 people die in China as a result of road accidents each year. Around 6 in 10 are vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists, and people on motorcycles. The accident occurred on March 7 at around 12.23pm however it's unclear exactly where in China it is. Video shows bricks flying off from a truck when the driver attempted to pass a silver car on the road.

And next moment it happened/youtube.com

In the footage, four cars can be seen stopping at the traffic light before the truck comes into the far right lane. The bricks appear to be secured by two chains and are covered over by blue tarpaulin.The truck appears to go out of control and tries to avoid crashing into other cars. It then goes up to the side of the road and comes to a stop when the bricks fall off. The nearby silver car is then hit by the bricks. And next moment it happened!