Man's condition like horror film make-up, but isn't! (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jun 24, 2018

Man s condition like horror film make-up, but isn t! (VIDEO)


47-year-old Shadot Hossain is the father of three children. And he didn't look just like this during his entire life. As the man said, he first noticed a tumour growing on his forehead when he turned 13. He's 47 now. The tumours have covered the whole of his body In the last five years. And not only body: Shadot's eyes have been closed by them and he can't properly see. It's believed he suffered from neurofibromatosis, which is noncancerous and appears due to genetic condition. He's also suffering from itches and the bubble's heaviness. It also makes him unable to wear clothes.

Hossain`s lying/Rehman Asad/BarcroftImages

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