Men vs Women fights (VIDEO)

by Kate Miller

Sep 5, 2018

Men vs Women fights (VIDEO)


Var.1 Everyone around said that men are stronger. And we'll tell you that it depends on what kind of growth this guy has, his weight and sports background. Watch these videos and don’t mess with women.

Var.2 Men were always stronger than women. And then there were feminists, women's martial arts and all that blurs the difference of the sexes. Look at the consequences of the fighting men against women.

Miesha Tate fights with the guys

Miesha is not only strong, but also one of the sexiest female fighters/

The star of the women's MMA decided to warm up with the young guys. Miesha transfers all fights to the ground, where she presses her opponents with her feet. But on top position Misha has an advantage - she easily raises one of the guys, and the other surrenders, when she uses a stifling reception from grappling.

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