"Mexican Shower": How to fall in love with anyone?

by Kate Miller

Apr 25, 2018

 Mexican Shower : How to fall in love with anyone?

Psychologists have derived a formula of behavior in the relationship, which can cause a storm of emotions in partner and you just can make anyone fall in love with you.

Latin Americans have always been known for its passion and impulsiveness. Their well-known technique of behavior in a relationship called "Mexican Shower" has become a phenomenon for psychologists. It turns out that with a few tricks, you can call in your partner a feeling of love and desire.

To do this, you need only a little cunning and strategy!

Stage 1 - Acquaintance

Man and woman are introduced in a club / restaurant / bar. It is important to show your partner that you are with him "on the same wavelength."

Ask questions and try to find something in common: "You do not like noisy places? I also try to stay away from them! "," Do you like foam parties? And I love them! ". This will give a sense of motivation and desire to continue the dialogue.

Mexican Shower 1

Stage 2 - Rift

Oddly, but in the second stage "of the Mexican soul" you have to create a distance between you and those who are trying to fall in love. Politely refuse a man in the next meeting, but leave hope.

Find a reason not to come to the following date: lie that you have a job or meeting with relatives on this day. It is ideal phrase "maybe another time."

Mexican Shower 2

Stage 3 - Connection

Then you can begin to move closer to the man. Make a few dates with him. Gradually expand the permitted zone. Each meeting should promote the relations to a new level. Make his feelings higher every day.

Mexican Shower 3

Stage 4 - Rift

It is necessary to create distance again. Depart on for some time, let it be fidgety. It will bring it to the emotions!

Mexican Shower

Next stages: «Mexican shower»

And then keep to the right "the cold water, then hot." Closer relations are changing with removal. With each stage be together longer and make breaks shorter. This will keep the passions between you. And the person will lose his head from the love and feelings!

Mexican Shower