Michael Bisping and St-Pierre get into it at press conference (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Mar 4, 2017

Michael Bisping and St-Pierre get into it at press conference (VIDEO)


At a press conference in Las Vegas between defending champion at middleweight Michael Bisping and a contender for the title Georges St-Pierre took place the verbal sparring. Both fighters have proven that they possess skillfully not only with their fists, but also with the language.

It should be noted that the press conference began with a half-hour delay because the representatives of UFC mixed hotel, where Bisping stopped, and sent the car to a different address.


Michael apologized for his late arrival, but was set up very aggressively and already in the first minute of the meeting began to verbally attack the St-Pierre. "Are you drunk?" - smiling, asked GPS. Bisping finally broke and said that to fight with St-Pierre he even didn't need to train. So loud statement he argued that Georges is just an athlete, but for Bisping himself being fighter is life.

Michael Bisping said he was ready to fight in the near future, but the UFC President Dana White noted that it is necessary to resolve some of the nuances, after which already determined the exact date of the battle. Presumably, the meeting will take place in July, but this information is not currently an official.

After the press conference, took place the official staredown of opponents. Bisping strongly demonstrated his own superiority, and even threw his championship belt on the shoulder:

GSP is back

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