Mile high-five club! Best looking stewardesses by airline

by Noa Cantu

Aug 22, 2018

Mile high-five club! Best looking stewardesses by airline


Many mistakenly believe that the flight attendant performs only an aesthetic function. Oh, yes, she also brings drinks and supper. However, this is a delusion and it has nothing to do with real life. In fact, every flight attendant undergoes a special course, after which she can not only bring you a drink, but also provide first aid, and in some cases even bring order inside the cabin! Today we'll see how the representatives of this beautiful profession look in different countries of the world.

United Arab Emirates (Emirates Airlines)


We did not expect anything else, to be honest, everything is strictly, but very aesthetically. And yet this costume for some reason visually refers us to the 1992 cartoon "Aladdin". There is something common. Maybe all the thing in these red hats as one of the heroes has?

USA (Pan American World Airlines)


Stewardesses from Pan American World Airlines look, probably, just as the absolute majority of people imagine stewardesses. This is a classic costume in classic colors. It's the blue color that is most often used in the production of uniforms, because it is designed to soothe people.

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