Mitrione's amazing reaction when he's told he's fighting Fedor (VIDEO)

by Markus Diedrich

Jun 19, 2018

Mitrione s amazing reaction when he s told he s fighting Fedor (VIDEO)


It was published a video of Fedor Emelianenko signing contract with Bellator. The two-minute clip raises many emotions.

You will see the "The Last Emperor" puts his signature under the contract. You will hear a 'Wow' of another great fighter - Georges 'Rush' Saint-Pierre, as well as (attention!) his bow for the Russian fighter. We felt that Emelianenko was so embarrassed with such expression of respect.

The climax of the video - when Matt Mitrione announce who will be his next opponent in the ring. Viewers meet rapidly the output of the Last Emperor. These emotions are priceless!

Matt Mitrione/

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