MMA fighters pretending to be injured (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Aug 22, 2018

MMA fighters pretending to be injured (VIDEO)


In mixed martial arts the victory is won by the strongest. It's a fact. Going into the octagon, every fighter knows that the outcome of this meeting depends on the strength of his strikes, on his dexterity and reaction. However, some athletes don't mind to taste and unfair victory. You can, of course, rely on the bias of the judges, but it's better to insure yourself and have a little simulation. Like our heroes of today.

Chris Weidman

Unfortunate actor/

Let's start with the match, which was held recently - April 8 this year. At the UFC 210 met Geghard Movsesyan and Chris Weidman, who really needed a victory, because by this point in the piggy bank was an impressive series of devastating defeats. Apparently because of this in the second round of this meeting Chris decided to cheat a little. Geghard, as it might appear at first, inflicted a Weidman banned kick after Chris touched the floor with both hands. By the rules it is forbidden and Movsesyan should be disqualified. Of course, Weidman took advantage of the situation and began to demonstrate all his suffering with the shock received.

He could no longer continue fighting. So it seemed to all. However, after a detailed review of the judges came to the conclusion that the blow was still legal and Geghard Movsesyan acted within the rules. Learning about this Chris Weidman "came to life" and said he was ready to continue the fight, but by that time the doctors had already forbidden him to fight further. As a result, the victory went to Geghard Movsesyan.

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