MMA fighters who are also criminals (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 21, 2018

MMA fighters who are also criminals (VIDEO)


Mixed martial arts, it`s of course about art. We know that. But we also know, that they are always going hand by hand with thing called violence. Yeah, MMA is a sport, but some of fighters are not think about sportsmanship, but only about being cruel and tough as possible. It`s still ok if things happens inside the Octagon, but it goes terribly wrong when this destructive type of energy happens outside.

Sometimes an MMA fighter you know just goes over the line and does something so egregious, you have to question the nature of the sport itself. Here's a look at some of the most disturbing crimes mixed martial artists have been arrested for. Some of these are pretty gruesome.

Jarrod Wyatt

This story will teach why you must avoid some drugs. Jarrod Wyatt, an MMA up-and-comer who went 1-0 in his only professional bout before being permanently sidelined. Why? You don`t want to know but we will tell you. One day in 2010 Wyatt was training with his friend Taylor Powell, when they decided to take some...hallucinogenic mushrooms. So the effect was too well and leads to the tragedy.Believing he was battling Satan himself, Wyatt ripped off Powell's face and tongue, tore his still-beating heart from his chest, then roasted the body parts on a grill. He is now serving 25-to-life sentence. Sad but true.

Jarrod and his victim/

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