Most 'Murican thing ever - V8 powered chainsaw championships (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 24, 2018

Most  Murican thing ever - V8 powered chainsaw championships (VIDEO)


Well, let`s take as a fact that chainsaws is cool. It`s killing machines on mankind`s service. They are great for working, cause when this thing is in your hands, your look like some kind of a hero from science fiction novel. May be some Conan or something. Do you remember Tom Sawyer`s story about fence painting? When everyone wanted to be on his place. With the chainsaws the story is the same.

It`s like if your grandfather told you "Hey boy,(spit out some tobacco) I am going to cut some trees in your granny's garden, wanna come with me?" You said "Nay, another time", and then he added that he`s going to do this with the good old chainsaw. You definitely gonna say "Wait for me!". Cause cahinsaw`s are beautiful & brutal as fuck! But, we`ve got some cool news, fellows. There are one thing that can make a chainsaw even cooler. It`s V8 engine. Yeah, we mean it. And we gonna to show you some of the coolest chainsaws powered by V8.

Monster at work/

Welcome to the world of V8 powered chainsaws. These are some of the world’s largest working chainsaws. One of these chainsaws is the beast of a chainsaw made by the Australian company Whitlands Engineering. It was a one time build and they never actually put this chainsaw into production or sold any. It was just for show. If you ask me, that’s a damn shame, there isn’t much in this world more badass than V8 powered Chainsaws. Everyone should own one.

Australian monster/

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