New Zealand gives 13 Reasons Why an +18 rating. WTF?

by Mary Trant

Oct 7, 2018

New Zealand gives 13 Reasons Why an +18 rating. WTF?


A fresh series of "13 reasons why" from Netfix caused heated discussions among the public and film critics. Many began to say negatively that in the series for teenagers so complex and controversial topics were raised such as psychological health and suicide. In this regard, the classification office of New Zealand decided to give the sensational series a unique rating: RP18.


This rating means that the series is limited to viewers under the age of 18, or viewing is possible under the supervision of the parent or guardian. The RP18 rating is very rare, unlike RP16, which limits the view to getting under the age of 16.

13 reasons why/

New Zealand's classification authorities came to the conclusion that viewing the "13 reasons why" is jeopardizing adolescents who are vulnerable to issues that rise in the series.

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