People who eat inedible things. Apparently it is possible

by Noa Cantu

Aug 26, 2018

People who eat inedible things. Apparently it is possible


When we feel hungry, we mistakenly make big order, and then do not understand why we even ordered all these burgers and pizza. However, our heroes of today never suffer such dilemmas. They eat everything that is at home, from neighbors and from neighbors of neighbors! Lock your refrigerators on the lock - after all these people can be somewhere nearby!

Ice cream/

Do you like desserts? Most likely you will answer what you like, but when ordering a serving of ice cream, remember - somewhere in the world there is a person for whom a modest portion of this dessert looks something like this! We are even scared to think about the size of the main dishes!


They say that children need to eat a lot in order to gain strength and grow big. Apparently, the parents of this child took this statement too literally. However, judging by the expression of the boy's face, he's not at all against such a "modest" breakfast.

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