People, who's faces are transplanted from other, dead people (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 10, 2018

People, who s faces are transplanted from other, dead people (VIDEO)


Yeah, ok. Till that moment you probably have thought that today`s plastic surgery have reached such conditions , that it have nothing impossible. Like, if someone get 80% of his body burnt, he can count on the new skin, or something like that. It is right. But there is one kind of operation that was too hard even for the coolest plastic surgery specialists. We talk about face transplant. Let` us see. Face is one of the most difficult structures in a whole human body. One fact is, when your smile,you use 40 muscles of your face and when you pull the trigger of the rifle - only 4. That`s why 20 years ago any face transplant was something from sci-fiction movie.

Everything changed in 2010, when first successfull face transplant operation was held. The first ever face transplant was in France in the hospital of Amiens. It was conducted on the 46-year-old Isabelle Denoir - she was mutilated by her own dog while she was sleeping. In may 2005, a woman took an overdose of sleeping pills. While the woman was unconscious, her black lab, Tanya, tried to wake the her, and began to chew women`s face. When Isabelle woke up and looked in the mirror, she to my horror found that part of her face was missing. Isabelle got a new bone marrow cells, skin, nose and chin. The operation was a success, and a turning point in the history of surgery.

Isabelle Dinoire – first face transplant patient/

It was a terrible accident with a firearm that has left the Spanish man named Oscar practically without a face. The man lived with it for five years until in 2010, his mouth is not covered with skin, depriving it of the ability to breathe, eat or speak. The longest operation in the history of surgery on the face was held and was successful . Doctors had to restore the missing facial muscles, nose, lips, upper jaw, teeth, cheeks, palate, and lacrimal system. The procedure started with the fact that the surgeon removed facial tissue from a donor, without damaging the nerves and blood vessels.

Oscar from Spain – got his new face/wikimediadia commons

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