Policeman KOs opponent in 4 seconds at MMA fight (VIDEO)

by dcTim

Oct 1, 2018

Policeman KOs opponent in 4 seconds at MMA fight (VIDEO)

May 13 in Searcy, Arkansas hosted an evening of amateur fights Pyramids Fight 2, which was attended by fighters of different levels. Some of them are engaged in martial arts professionally and are waiting for the opportunity to fight at a higher level. And some just come to compete with someone and take their time. That's exactly whom our hero turned out to be.

The fight between Jordan Fowler and Dylan Goforth was remembered by the audience most of all. Policeman Fowler, whose score is 4-7, with a quick and powerful high kick kicked his opponent to a hard knockout. The fight lasted only 4 seconds. The guys fought in the weight category of 88 kg.

This fight was a record short for the entire state and will be remembered for a long time by its inhabitants.