Pretending modest: Network remembers everything

by Kate Miller

Apr 27, 2018

Pretending modest: Network remembers everything


We looked instagram of 5 most hot actresses and singers for you. Which of them is hotter and openly conducts its pages? And really they are the same in real life?


"No to sex" - the main theme of the page of the Angelina Jolie. Portrait photos, photos of children and the philosophical sayings are the basics of instagram of Angelina. It seems that now actress doesn't need to upload the nude photos to attract fans. For example, this innocent photograph collected more than 100 thousand of subscriber's 'likes'.

Instagram 1

By maintaining the reputation of honest woman and loving mother Angelina forgot that in the web is easy to find a photo of her youth times. There's a young Angelina still does not know what she will have many children and she exposes bare chest and smokes in the frame.

Instagram 2



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