Pump your ass - be a men!

by Kate Miller

Apr 28, 2018

Pump your ass - be a men!


Fashion for the impressive ass is still relevant. And if women are actively involved in the pursuit of fashionable forms, the majority of men remain indifferent to its "rear". If only it not hung and did not look like a female. And in vain!

So why you need to pump the rear?


Reason #1

Buttocks are not just for the seat cushions. The gluteus maximus is involved in getting up processes, walking and running. If poorly developed muscles, it can cause pain in the knees, back and hips, especially after activities such as mopping, walking up the stairs, and just getting up from the couch. And if these people are decide to make themselves better, most often suffer failure due to knee pain - muscle-gradually atrophied due to lack of demand in everyday life.

If you don’t want to get ill - pump your ass.



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