Real life cyborgs. It's already happening. You could be next

by Kate Miller

Mar 20, 2018

Real life cyborgs. It s already happening. You could be next


Cyborg is a human organism with computer-electronic components. Meet seven people with advanced abilities.

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson/

The artist Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, that is an extreme degree of color blindness, when a person can see only in black and white. But after the operation, his ability to recognize colors far exceeds the boundaries of ordinary human perception.

Neil is equipped with a special electronic eye that transmits perceived colors in the form of musical scale sounds. In other words, the device allows it to "hear" the color. Neil is so used to the device that his brain has formed new neural connections, allowing him to develop an improved way of perception.

At first Neil memorized the names that ordinary people give to each color, and notes, but eventually all this information became a perception. Then he began to see colored dreams and felt that software and Neil's brain had come together.

Neil likes his cyborg status so much that he founded an international organization that helps other people find bionic devices.

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