Real life Face Off - face transplants are now a thing (VIDEO)

by Kate Miller

Sep 4, 2018

Real life Face Off - face transplants are now a thing (VIDEO)


Brief information Face transplantation is a complex operation, indications to which arise after severe damage to soft tissues and bone structures of the head.

Finding a donor is a difficult task. The donor should coincide with the patient according to the following medical parameters: blood type, sex, approximate age, skin color, facial size, facial skeleton structure, antigenic tissue composition (here complete coincidence is unlikely). Where can you find a person who is ready to sacrifice his face with similar parameters? Usually consent to the transplant is given by the relatives of the deceased person with the appropriate data.

The operation costs patients in half a million dollars, plus about $ 40,000 per year is spent on drugs to a new face is not rejected.

Isabelle Dinuar - a stranger on my face

Isabelle Dinuar/

The first woman with a partial transplant is 46-year-old Isabelle Dinuar. The woman was bitten by her own dog while she lay unconscious. Isabelle turned to the surgeons, and they transplanted to her the face of a woman who died in a nearby town. She was transplanted with new bone marrow cells, skin, nose and chin. In 2005, the operation underwent a revolution in surgery. Isabelle was afraid of a new face, she died at the age of 49 from cancer.

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