Real men don`t care about consequences, but they should!

by Sick Nick

Aug 4, 2018

Real men don`t care about consequences, but they should!


Nobody can argue with the fact that real men, we mean MEN, doesn't really care about consequences. If they have something to do and they have urge need to do this, they really can`t see any kind of a hurdle. It`s some sort of a behavior we can call `act like a men`. And it`s just can`t be combined with thing call safety.

The will mumble you something of `safety first` of course... while standing at the gas station with lighted cigarette in their moustache framed mouth. They will confirm that their `done this thousands of times`...while starting chainsaw without special outfit. We`got some pics, that will show you, why such you just can't trust to men of a that kind. Hope that all of them, on pics, doing fine now.

Oh gravity, thou are a heartless bitch! God bless you or may be rest in peace…

I don`t know about your physics/

I'm not insane. My mother had me tested!

Nice day for nice try/

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