Santa's not bringing you these toys unless you're a billionaire!

by Noa Cantu

May 5, 2018

Santa s not bringing you these toys unless you re a billionaire!


To feel the magical Christmas mood in December, around the world, people are satisfied with the very real race for exclusive Christmas decorations. Sometimes they cost several times more expensive than tree, where they have to show off!

So, here are the 10 toys that are officially recognized as the most expensive in the world.

Christmas ball on the Hallmark Jewellers


For the past few years in this unusual ranking, leadership holds by goldsmith based in England. And all thanks to the fact that its shelves are still gathering dust without the owner a unique New Year's ball, which last year was worth 82 thousand euros. And no wonder, because it is a work of art, over which jewelers worked as many as 130 hours! As a result of the work of craftsmen from Albion, the ball of gold was decorated with 1500 diamonds and encrusted with 188 rubies, which are located in a ring encircling a toy.



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