Shannon Briggs or BJ Fores to fight Fres Oquendo?

by Hati Lua

Sep 23, 2018

Shannon Briggs or BJ Fores to fight Fres Oquendo?


Not without reason, super heavyweight BJ Flores recently announced his willingness to replace Shannon Briggs in a duel for the vacant WBA world title with Fres Oquendo, scheduled for June 3 in Hollywood.

Why did he dare to such a statement? Boy, are you immortal? Or have you forgotten that Shannon Briggs is the record holder by the number of wins with the help of a knockout?

Quite possibly!


Apparently, the sky is still on the side of Flores. As it became known, the battle between Shannon Briggs and Fres Oquendo was officially canceled.

WBA in an official press release confirmed the anti-doping rule violation of heavyweight Shannon Briggs. Earlier it became known that a random doping test revealed an excessively high level of testosterone in Brigg's blood.

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