Shocking video - guy jumps from 120' building

by Noa Cantu

Jul 20, 2018

Shocking video - guy jumps from 120  building


More and more often appears the videos on YouTube, where people, in pursuit of fleeting popularity, go to deadly things. Some extremals even have themed channels, which attract a lot of fans of such content.

A user from California, who prefers to hide under the nickname 8Booth, just loves to jump. And it's far not on a trampoline.

The danger does not scare the 8Booth at all. One of his first videos, on which he jumps from the cliff El Morro, has become incredibly popular on the web due to the fact that it almost cost the blogger a life. The guy clearly did not calculate the distance that he needed to overcome during the jump, and almost crashed against the rocks. The clip attracted attention even the media, and the jump caused a lot of controversy among Internet users.

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