Skinny fat - the low down

by Kate Miller

Sep 5, 2018

Skinny fat - the low down


Fat skinny is a phenomenon when, under normal weight, the body is flabby and looks unattractive. Skinny fat can be both men and women. At the same time, the person looks normal in clothes, and when he removes it - folds, flabbiness and cellulite are exposed (at women).

Same percentage of fat and different physique/

Among the celebrities are a lot of skinny fat. But some successfully cope with the problem, and others don’t think about it.

Skinny fat Tom Hardy

In his youth, Tom Hardy was thin and looked uncourage, but the directors saw him as an athlete: in the films "Warrior", "The Dark Knight" and "Bronson" Tom Hardy - the embodiment of courage.

Tom Hardy looked this way before his star roles/

Tom Hardy made muscles for the movie 'Warrior'/

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