Stars who've been caught out photoshopping themselves

by Noa Cantu

Apr 16, 2018

Stars who ve been caught out photoshopping themselves


All of us, including famous personalities, want to look good not only in life, but also in photos. Yet these moments will remain with us for life and after years we absolutely wouldn’t like to look at ourselves and see the obvious shortcomings of our own appearance. In order to avoid this, you can work on your body for a long time, and you can master a graphic editor and do something with it. True, it is not always possible to hide this deception.

Lindsay Lohan

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan felt that her waist is not thin enough and decided to slightly narrow it with the help of a graphic editor. As can be seen in the photo, the staircase also suffered, which also betrayed the essence of deception.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, of course, is worthy of praise - watching her figure, doing sports. But only with the room in which she does this, doing some strange things. The walls and floors in it clearly swam from the crazy energy of the singer.

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