Thai male security guard beats female security guard (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 24, 2018

Thai male security guard beats female security guard (VIDEO)


The shocking footage came from Thailand. The incident was caught by surveillance camera, and it revolves around a disagreement between security guards. The point is one security guard is the woman. So man came out of nowhere, brutally beat her up, but none of the witnesses (which are from guard also) are trying to help her.

Straight to her face!/

He strides up from behind and in a cowardly manner whacks her over the head. She tries her best to fight back but he kicks her and gives her an uppercut. The forces were not equal, the security guard continued to beat the woman with hands and feet, until she ceased to fight back. Satisfied with the result, the bully is gone and his victim has fallen on the earth without will. Other guy were standing there just watching. Internet users who watched this video were equally angered by this men`s behavior, and by aggression from the other one. But commentators still have no any sign of compassion. `May be she deserved it` - one of the commentators wrote.

May be she deserved it/

And whole thing in comments became a new conflict itself!

What do you mean?/

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