The Nobel Prize for Literature: why Bob Dylan is accused for arrogance?

by Irene Viper

Apr 25, 2018

The Nobel Prize for Literature: why Bob Dylan is accused for arrogance?

The iconic rock musician Bob Dylan whose songs sound in the big number of movies will receive the Nobel Prize in the amount of more than $ 908000. So how he has received it? And there he will come to the awards ceremony?

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In mid-October were announced the winners of the Nobel Prize. First time among them came the musician who was awarded the literary prize like a songwriter.

As decision was explained by the Swedish Academy, musician Bob Dylan was awarded for the "creation of a new poetic language in the great American song tradition."

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This year the premium amount is 8 million Swedish kronor that is today about 908,000 US dollars.

The award ceremony is scheduled for December 10 this year and will be held traditionally in Stockholm.

Committee of the Swedish Academy for several weeks could not be contacted directly with Bob Dylan. Musician's representative responded to e-mails sent directly to Dylan.One of the jury members chided Dylan for the arrogance and the writer Per Vestberg said that the behavior of the singer is ignorantly.

When Dylan finally responded he was unable to say will he join the award ceremony or not. But the musician does not waive the prize.

In the history of the award only two people voluntarily refused from it: the French writer Jean-Paul Sartre and Vietnamese politician Le Duc Tho.

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What's in the texts of Bob Dylan is such a unique and worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature?

In 1966, the singer wrote a book in the style of "stream of consciousness" - the novel "Tarantula" about the horror and the chaos of modern life. It's immediately got bad reviews from critics, and in 2003 led the ranking at "five most misunderstood phrases from books written by the musicians." In 1988 the musician entered the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" and according to the magazine «Rolling Stone» was recognized as the second most important figure in music history (only "The Beatles" higher). The magazine «Time» included the musician in the one hundred most important people of the twentieth century. His songs became soundtracks for several films.

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Three most famous songs of Bob Dylan:

1. Blowing In The Wind ("The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan", 1963)

The song has a lot about war and peace, happiness and freedom of the people, so in 1960s it became an anthem of the civil rights of the inhabitants of America and was repeatedly performed by singers such as Neil Young, Elvis Presley, Marlene Dietrich, Stevie Wonder.

2. Like a Rolling Stone ("Highway 61 Revisited", 1965)

Ranked 1st at the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

3. Knocking On Heaven’s Door ("Knocking On Heaven’s Door - Turkey Chase", 1973)

Became a soundtrack in «Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid» featuring Dylan as an actor. Later song became main theme in «Knocking On Heaven’s Door» movie.