The brightest fighters who came to the MMA from other sports (VIDEO)

by Curtis Memphis

Aug 8, 2018

The brightest fighters who came to the MMA from other sports (VIDEO)


In the history of MMA there were and are athletes who come from other sports, not directly related to martial arts.

Some of them just wanted to test themselves, and someone came for fame and money and, as a rule, they were the quickest to understand that they didn’t belong here. However, there were those who achieved really serious success in the MMA. Let's remember those and others.

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco/

Let's be honest, baseball fans themselves sometimes agree that some players and even "stars" of MLB don’t look like real athletes. However, it was from the baseball Jose Canseco came in the UFC. An excellent baseball player and really extraordinary personality. Having won the World Series, incidentally six times participating in the matches of all the stars, the Cuban finished the career of a baseball player in 38 years, and after keen on kung fu and taekwondo. The practice of fighting sports clearly benefited the already strong Canseco. However, the pumped-up torso still did not help him in the debut match of the Grand Prix DREAM, where Canseco had to fight with the gulliver, Hon Man Chho.

Quite friskly starting the fight, Canseco after a few seconds realized that he could not break through the giant, and some of his blows just didn’t reach the goal. In a few moments the Korean fighter obviously spared the baseball player, but when he had the chance to finish the tired Canseco on the ground, he didn’t fail to take advantage of it.

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