The brothers Bogdanoff - the story of the monstrous transformation (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Aug 9, 2018

The brothers Bogdanoff - the story of the monstrous transformation (VIDEO)


Around them, a lot of scandals - related to science, and with "extraterrestrial" appearance. Two brother-hoaxers never tell the whole truth. But we'll try to figure something out.

Youth and naturalness/

Igor and Grichka (full name Gregoire) were born August 29, 1949 in the French city of Saint-Lary in the family of the Russian artist - Prince Bogdanoff and the illegitimate daughter of the Austrian countess. So the interest in everything high and bright, might say, was in their blood.

Since childhood, the brothers lived in the castle of their grandmother-countess, and then both entered military school. Igor and Grichka were so fond of military affairs (especially aviation) that they seriously planned to connect their lives with this profession, but studying at the university cooled their ardor.

Discussion of scientific works/

Already in 1976, the Bogdanoff brothers decided that the knowledge gained during their studies should not be wasted, and they tried to realize themselves in the scientific literature by releasing the book "Clefs pour la science-fictio" ("The Keys to Science Fiction"). It is necessary to recognize that their work fell in the heart of the audience, and writers decided to continue to popularize science further. Since 1979, the Bogdanoff brothers have been conducting a very popular show "Temps X", which acquainted viewers with quantum physics and astronomy. After the success of the telecast, Igor and Grichka became real stars, increasing the number of their new projects every year. Among them, "L'Odyssée du Futur", "Futur's", "Projet X 13", "Rayon X", "Science X" and "Science 2", which were on French television.

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