The genius of physics and screen's star

by Noa Cantu

May 21, 2018

The genius of physics and screen s star


January 8 legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has celebrated 75 anniversary. The uniqueness of this man is difficult to describe with a couple of sentences. And it's not even the fact that he first formulated the theory of the big bang. Because of the disease, most of his life he lived chained to a wheelchair. Some mobility remained only the index finger on his right hand. Subsequently, the mobility was only in the facial muscle cheeks, in front of which is fixed sensor. However, the physicist has gained such fame that began to appear frequently as a cameo in famous movies, TV shows and commercials, and his image is exploiting even by the creators of cartoons.


Jaguar has introduced a promotional video of its first SUV F-PACE, where Hawking played a villain. The physicist posted a video on his page to Facebook. In an accompanying post, he said that he always wanted to play a typical British villain in a movie - and this dream has finally come true. The actor (that is, excuse me, a physicist) often hinted producers that he would like to participate in the filming of the next James Bond movie, but that his request has not yet been satisfied.



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