The most common types of disqualification in the MMA (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Aug 14, 2018

The most common types of disqualification in the MMA (VIDEO)


In the days of the first MMA matches there were no clearly defined rules, so often a lot of controversial situations arose in the ring.

However, over time, there was a set of rules, which every MMA fighter must follow. Those who ignored the rules, waited for disqualification.

For what can be disqualified? About this we’ll tell today.

Unsportsmanlike behavior

Perhaps, this rule in MMA is violated more often. Quite often, fighters cross the line, which should separate the actual match and real life. Under the "unsportsmanlike conduct" falls a large number of very different violations - this can be abuse, disrespect, some actions that have nothing to do with the course of the meeting, etc. We have chosen a special example of such a violation. Strahinja Gavrilovic apparently too carried away by finishing his rival Jo Vallеe. The fighter either didn’t pay attention, or was so keen on the process that he didn’t notice how Vallеe lost consciousness. Nevertheless, he continued to deal a series of punches until the referee stopped him. Not beautiful and not sporty.

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