The scene of Hannah's suicide. Critics are at odds with each-other (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

Apr 15, 2018

The scene of Hannah s suicide. Critics are at odds with each-other (VIDEO)


Since its release, the series "13 reasons why" has managed to acquire an army of fans and no less numerous army of those who consider the show dangerous. And if the first group includes adolescents, then the second group includes adults, scientists and experts in the field of mental health.

So, for example, in New Zealand the TV series was given the rating "for adults". Selena Gomez decided that she simply needed to speak out and explain to everyone what the main message of her project was:

We tried almost everything to repeat the book, Jay Asher originally made it tragically beautiful, complex, but exciting, and that's exactly what we wanted to show everyone. We wanted to make the story fair and believable, no matter what. This is a very difficult topic for discussion, but I am pleased with the result, - said the executive producer of the series Selena Gomez.


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